Welcome to Dayz Reddit



Welcome to the DayZ Reddit Server,


So, My name is Max, and have recently got back into DayZ, I’ve ran many successful community servers for games such as BF3, Minecraft etc etc. So I decided to give back to the great people I play with and will play with by building a server, also since I enjoy Reddit very much I decided to give it ago and create a Reddit Community Server. /end

Server Name: Reddit Dayz

IP: PORT: 3068

Features (From community Suggestions)

  • 50 Slots (Room for expansion)
  • 100+ Vehicles
  • Veteran
  • Default Map
  • Active Admins
  • Private Hive (For Reddit Subs + Trusted Friends Only) [Trying to find a way to white-list]
  • Custom Buildings

Help Me I do not require any donations but appreciate all the offers and understand very nice people want to help financially so at some point I will setup that feature.

However, There is something you can help with. Please suggest as many things as possible to improve the server and your experience. Stress test the server and also follow the rules.

I’m also on the lookout for active and trusted community members for admin and mod positions to help run the server.

Please post all suggestions and questions below, pop on the server and say hello. This server is for You peeps and will only be successful with your help, so get your friends involved and keep giving us ideas. I’m always listening.



Website Is currently under-construction, the website will give you the ability to upload videos/photos and live chat.

Custom Buildings can now be added